Do You Want to Buy, Sell or Trade Your Tools?

Here at A to Z Pawns we will be happy to buy or pawn your power tools. If you’re looking to sell or use your tools as collateral for a loan, then you can come to any of our shops and set things up.

Second hand tools can be a big help when you’re trying to finish a DIY project. Since you’re getting a used item, you can save money on your purchase cost without sacrificing on the quality of the power tool you’re getting.

The following are a few tips we can share when you’re out to buy a secondhand power tools.

Buy Tools

You will find a lot of quality power tools and equipment when you visit one of our A to Z Pawns facilities. We have some of the best-selling brands in the market today, which includes the following:

    A to Z Pawns Buys, Sells, Trades and Loans on Tools
  • Snap On
  • Makita
  • Craftsman
  • Hitachi
  • Dewalt
  • And many more!

Frugality never goes out of style. In fact it’s the in thing nowadays. Using some shopping smarts and having an eye for good tools will always save you a good deal of cash. The first thing you need to do is to do some research. Find out what tools you need. Next, figure out the leading brands and the particular brand you like. Walk into a local store to get a good idea of the latest models, how they feel in your hands, and how well they are made.

Compare the experience when you heft the tools you find in our pawnshops. All of the tools we have on sale have been tested and their quality has been checked. Compare our prices with brand new models and see how much you are actually saving. You can discuss any flaw you can find in any of the tools on display so you can negotiate a better price for the item.

Sell Tools

If you’re looking to sell your slightly used or new tools, then you are definitely welcome. Worm drive saws and Hitachi nailers are always in demand. Pay a visit to A to Z Pawns store and bring your tools with you for a quick appraisal. Make sure to prepare your tools before you walk into our store. Don’t forget to bring the tool’s case with you. If you still have the user’s manual for the said power tools then bring them along. That will be great.

To give you a good idea how much your tools are worth, do your research. Find out from the store how much the item is currently worth. Of course, you can also bring it in to any of our shops to get an appraisal.

Expect the price that our brokers will quote to be below the current market price of your tools. The street price of your item will always be higher if you keep it in the market.

However, we offer you quick cash in exchange for the interest on the item that you are selling. It’s a win/win deal – you get your cash fast and we get a quality item at a good price.

Speak to any of our pawn shop brokers at A to Z Pawns so you can negotiate a good bargain for your quality tools.

Pawn Tools

So you no longer need your chainsaw right now but you need to get some fast cash? You have extra tools that you are willing to part with in exchange for some dinero that you need?

Come to our shop and have your tools appraised. We will work with you so we can agree on a price for your tools, and get you the money you need!