After Your Spring Cleaning, Bring Your Unwanted Items to A to Z Pawns

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It is spring time, and people have that urge to clean everything – including their jewelry. Once you’re done, it’s time to separate the still-good from the pieces that you can part with. Bring them over to A to Z Pawns for some cash. Here are some ideas we can help you out with.

Buy New Items From Us

A to Z Pawns is a family-owned business that operates by buying and selling items that people no longer need. Some of the items you can find in our store are: Earrings and rings, tools, power tools, musical instruments, firearms, paintings, old coins, collectibles, electronics, LCD and LED TV’s, laptop’s, Ipad’s, touchpad’s and anything of good value.

Once in the store, present your items to our appraisal expert. We will examine your pieces. After a couple of minutes, we will give you back your items and give you a quote on what we will pay for your items. If the price appeals to you, we will quickly do the paperwork for you to examine and sign. You’ll get cash on the spot. That’s how easy the process is.


Sell Your Old Items To Us

A to Z Pawns also sells items – second hand items, new items and slightly used items. These items come from other customers that have sold their unwanted items to us and in many cases these items are brand new, never used and still in the original packaging.

The great thing about this is that these items have lower prices compared to their brand new counterparts and since they have been previously appraised by an expert, you can expect excellent quality, functionality and durability.

We are open:

Mon 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Tue-Fri 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Sat 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Sun – Closed


Trade Items In For Better Items

A to Z Pawns also accepts trade-ins. This is the process where people bring their items to be appraised and exchange them for what’s on sale in the shop. It’s what we call an opportunity for us to give you something you need in exchange for something we can use.

Spring cleaning season is the best time to take a look at what you no longer need and perhaps, think about getting a few things at a significantly lower price.


If unsure about the item you will bring, call us.

Once ready, come to our store and have the item appraised. Once our appraisal expert has determined that the trade is fair, then you are free to go home with your new item. You can bring in two or three items in exchange for what you want to take home. Some paperwork needs to be signed in the deal.

Come down and see A to Z Pawns today and check back with us on a frequent basis to find good deals on different items you want or need. We get new inventory in all the time.

A to Z Pawns
1818 W Bell Rd #105
Phoenix AZ 85023
(602) 866-0980