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Pawnshops are excellent places to buy and sell jewelry of all different types. If you want to sell a class ring, bring it to A to Z Pawns and get the best deal. These types of establishments offer top dollar for such items so if you’re in the market for cash then this is the way to go.

But keep in mind that not all pawnshops work in the same manner. This is why you need to transact with someone credible and reasonable — a place that will assist you not only in the appraisal process but also the trade, loan, or sale process itself. So, don’t hang on to something you no longer have any need for. Bring it to a pawnshop and get money that you can make better use of.

What Kinds of Class Rings Should You Buy?

Class rings, just like other types of jewelry, can be sold to a pawnshop for as long as they are made out of valuable materials: gemstones, gold, silver, platinum, and the like. This is because rings sold to a pawnshop are usually sold as is or broken down and sold as raw metal plus stones, depending on what offers the best value for the store.

Considering how class rings are rather personal, they don’t fare as well as other types of jewelry. This is why most of the time, they are melted down. So before a ring is purchased, expect it to be evaluated and appraised. Without these metals and stones of value, you can’t really expect even the best of pawnshops to accept the sale or loan.


How Much Do You Pay For Class Rings?

When it comes to class rings, you have three options available: selling, trading, and loaning. The price will depend on the option that you choose plus the material that the ring is made of. The staff at A to Z Pawns will assess the item and give you a fair price for it. Usually, the estimate will be based on how much the materials are at the time you bring it in.

The beauty of dealing with a pawnshop is that if the valuable doesn’t satisfy you, you can choose to bring it in at a later date, such as when the materials have risen in terms of raw market prices. This is the kind of flexibility that you’ll get to enjoy when you work with a reputable pawn shop. If you need cash right then and there, they’ll also be able to assist you.

Usually, selling gets you the most cash for your class ring. If you pawn it off, you’ll receive a smaller amount but you’ll also have the ability to buy back your ring. For trading, you get good value as well as the option to trade in full for another item in the store or for a lower-priced item plus cash.


This is the beauty of working with A to Z Pawns: Whatever option you go with, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive the best deal.