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November 10, 2017
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December 1, 2017
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Do you have old stuff at home that only add to the clutter and make your space even more cramped? Bought new things but don’t know where to place them because you don’t have enough space? More importantly, do you want fast cash out of old things you no longer need? Well, worry no more.

There’s only one place in Phoenix, Arizona that can solve your problem. A to Z Pawns, a premier and established pawnshop that provides only quality transactions, is waiting for your pre-loved items to be sold, traded, bought, or loaned. With 25 years of service, we are committed to offering a variety of services such as loaning, buying, selling, and trading items to customers who are in need of quick cash. By implementing a secure step-by-step process, every customer is assured of efficient, discreet, and quality service.

If you have kids who used to play musical instruments but have already moved out for college and you want to clear out some space, just bring the items to A to Z Pawns and get fast cash in return. Do you have old coins, bullions, and other precious metals and jewelry? Trade them off. Need to buy a new gadget but don’t have enough funds for it? Take your old one to A to Z Pawns and sell it. We accept tablets, laptops, video games, and other mobile devices. We also accept firearms and accessories, tools and equipment, and much more. Who knew you could squeeze fast money out of your old items that aren’t useful anymore?


Below are some services offered by A to Z Pawns:



Going to the store is like opening a secret treasure chest. A lot of affordable items which are slightly used or have never been used are waiting for you. These items are sometimes marked as collateral if they are un-redeemed within the agreed upon due date, thus giving A to Z Pawns rights over these pawned items.



As long as what you’re selling is a legally acquired item, the in-house item appraisal expert will inspect it and give you a price quote, and the cash value will be given to you right on the spot after signing some paperwork. There are lots of items you can sell to us for fast cash or to buy something else in our shop.



If you want to trade a currently owned item for another item, it is possible with A to Z Pawns. As long as it is up for sale and the resident appraisal expert determines the values involved in the trade, then you are guaranteed to go home with your new item.



Need instant cash? You can get a loan from A to Z Pawns — anywhere from $20 to $10,000 — if you put up your stuff (such as jewelry, precious metals, gadgets, firearms, musical instruments, etc.) as collateral. A to Z Pawns gives the lowest interest rates in Arizona which would help you pay off the loaned amount within 90 days.


The process is very simple and easy:

A to Z Pawns – Pawn Shop Phoenix

  1. Bring the item to the store.
  2. Let the in-house expert appraise the item.
  3. Sign some legal paperwork.
  4. Go home with your cash.


Fast and easy, right? A to Z Pawns is dedicated to serving and helping customers, from finding the best deals to extending loan due dates. Our staff is very friendly and accommodating and will answer and address any concern you might have. We are open on Mondays to Saturdays from 9 AM onwards.

So what are you waiting for? Look around your house, and start de-cluttering and sorting out your old stuff. Who knows, they could bring you fast and easy money if you bring them to A to Z Pawns.