How to Identify a Successful Pawn Shop

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June 27, 2017
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While there are pawn shops scattered in virtually every corner of the US, they don’t all pay the same attention to detail. Understanding what makes a pawn shop successful will help you.

First of all, a successful pawn shop has a good staff. Whether it is a one-man operation or a larger scale company with multiple employees, the people who are working with the merchandise need to be knowledgeable about the goods. When folks bring things in to the shop, someone needs to be able to identify the various brands, models and other value factors. Otherwise, you could end up giving customers way more than their items are actually worth.

Additionally, a successful pawn shop owner will know the federal and state regulations governing their inventory. Not only will you need to adhere to the guidelines for pawn shops in general, you will need to check on specific regulations regarding firearms if you choose to incorporate them into your business.


Whether the owner or an employee, every person behind the counter should treat all customers with respect and courtesy.

Just as retail outlets carrying new merchandise rearrange the stores on a regular basis, so should pawn shop owners. The reason that your favorite big box and grocery stores do this is to give consumers a fresh new look at all of their product offerings. Doing the same thing will help to attract them to the variety of merchandise in your establishment. Make sure to do it when the shop is closed and complete the rearranging before reopening the doors. Otherwise, it will just look cluttered.

Phone etiquette is another area of concern when it comes to the successful operation of a pawn shop. Staff should know how to greet customers and handle their queries with courteous efficiency. By training people to handle these calls correctly, the reputation of the business will grow in a positive way.

Also, a good pawn shop does not take credit cards over the phone without additional verification or proof. This might mean waiting until the charge has cleared or asking for further verification. In fact, posting listings online is a great way to let customers pay for your products that offer you an extra layer of financial protection for the transactions.

Security is another vital aspect of operating a successful pawn business. Because the merchandise is valuable and will be impossible to trace if the associated paperwork, whether hard copies or digital, have been stolen or destroyed during the crime. However, though it is an essential aspect, the measures should not make the property unattractive.

Recognizing limitations is important for all business managers. When nobody on staff is able to assess the value of a unique item, it is time to consult with a professional in the field. For instance, you might bring in an item and there is not an in house expert to assess the value of the item, we will consult an expert in that field to give us an appraised value of your item.

One shop that fits the bill for all of these requirements is A to Z Pawns located in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are in the area and want to get a good deal on some used merchandise or need some fast cash, this is an excellent choice for you to make. The professional courtesy and competitive rates will surely make you happy!

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