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A to Z Pawns - Pawn Shop Phoenix

A pawn shop has a reputation for being the go-to place of some people in need of instant cash. While there are also negative perceptions about it, many customers attest that such a business is helpful. Aside from instant cash, below are other ways on how a local Phoenix pawn shop like A to Z Pawns can help you:

A to Z Pawns – Pawn Shop Phoenix

Small Loans

There are some instances wherein you’ll find yourself in need of a small amount of money. It’s not practical to apply for a loan from a bank or a lender just to fill such need. You may find it embarrassing to borrow from loved ones as well. A payday loan is the final resort for some people. But if you want a far simpler and less burdensome way of getting that money, pawning is an ideal choice for you.


Do you have plenty of items you don’t use? Before you give them away or throw them into trash bags, consider selling them first to a pawnshop. Aside from jewelries, watches and precious metals, pawn shops now accept items like electronics, musical instruments, power tools, guns and gun accessories, and vintage items. Selling your items to pawn shops is faster and less tiring than setting up an auction or garage sale.


A pawn shop also serves as a place to buy or trade valuable items. If you love jewelry, you can find excellent choices at A to Z Pawns. The best part of buying jewelries therein is their reduced price. If you have rare coins, sports memorabilia or any other item that has no practical value, you can trade it to something you can actually use such as power tools and electronic gadgets.


Before we accept items for trade, pawning or selling, we conduct an appraisal first. Whether we accept or reject your items, you’ll get ideas as to which items you can pawn and which ones you should try and resell online or elsewhere. Through the appraisal, you’ll find out the condition and possible resale value of your items as well.

Due Date Extension

Banks and other major lenders are strict when it comes to the due date of loan payments. Some pawn shops may also be firm about deadlines. However, there are times we allow potential due date extensions. You can take advantage of this deal weeks before the deadline if you are struggling with your finances. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t extend further as it only means you’ll need to pay for additional interest.

A Secure Place for Your Items

If you are going on a trip but are scared of leaving your valuables like watches and jewelries at home, pawn shops can help take away your fears. These shops are generally secured and insured. If you are bothered about the costs, you can go to a shop that offers lower interest rates. Paying for the interest will be more manageable than stressing yourself over your items while you are on a trip.

The practice of pawning has been around for more than 3000 years. It lasted for so long and it is likely to last longer because it is efficient. In case you are still doubtful, talk to some people who regularly go to your local pawn shop and hear about their pawnshop experience to get first hand information that you can use when you decide on which business to approach when you are in need of a short amount of cash. Check out A to Z Pawns today.

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