Do You Have a Necklace You Want to Sell, Buy or Trade?

Some of the most charming items in our collection are necklaces. Not only are they the easiest pieces of fine jewelry to pawn, they’re also one of the fastest to sell.

Necklaces have always been shrouded by mystery, and that’s why they are special. You don’t always take notice of a particular piece at home, but it’s just there. There are times when you know where it came from, and there simply are times when you don’t know how it even arrived into your possession.

Necklaces could be the symbol of adoration given by a lover, or an heirloom passed down by a mother. Whatever purpose they may serve or symbolism they may carry, in times of great need, necklaces could just be what you need if you’re in need of cash.

Design and craftsmanship isn’t always about fashion and keeping up with the trends. For anyone with a great fascination with history, these are clues to its origins, and solid evidences to the stories they came with. Necklaces, after all, aren’t always just a chain worn around the neck. And our collection is a testament of the many shapes it takes form.

Gold necklaces are the most common. Generally, the more they weigh, the more money you will receive. It doesn't matter if your necklace is broken it is still valuable if it is made of a precious metal. So bring it down to A to Z Pawns, and we will check it out to see what we can give you for it.