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April 26, 2018
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Do You Need a Loan and Fast Cash in Phoenix?

Whether you have a bad credit history or no credit at all, it’s not impossible to get a loan from a pawn shop. There are loan options for you, such as home equity, peer-to-peer loans, and credit unions. However, pawn shop loans can make the process much easier when getting a loan with no credit. So how do you make instant cash from pawn shops?


How Pawn Shop Loans Work

A pawn shop loan is a good option for people who need fast cash. This allows you to borrow a certain amount of money even without a credit. You just need to find a reliable pawn shop that can provide you with the best deal. But how do pawn shop loans really work?

Interest rates on pawn shop loans vary and are presented as a fixed cost. Pawn loans may reach up to 200 percent APR, and that is much more than what traditional lenders usually charge. If you compare it with car title loans and payday loans with up to 400 percent APR, a pawn shop loan is a better option.

When you loan from a pawn shop, you are required to pledge any valuable item or property as collateral. In return, you get cash on the spot. When you pay off your loan, your item will be returned to you. But if you decide not to redeem it, there will be no credit consequence. However, the item will be sold to other customers at a certain price.


How to Get a Loan With No Credit?

No credit? No problem. Collateral backed loans can help you borrow money in no time. Just bring an item you want to pawn and go home with your money on the same day. However, keep in mind that a collateral loan agreement will allow pawn shops to take over the item you pawned once you fail to pay it back.

Pawn shops have become one of the go-to places for people who need easy money and fast cash. You gain an amount from pawning, and pawn shops also make money through interest. But it’s more beneficial for them when they acquire items that are not redeemed. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. A to Z Pawns has kept and tries to maintain some of the lowest interest rate loans in the valley.


Items You Can Pawn

If it’s your first time to choose pawn shops to get a loan, you need to know what items you can make as collateral. The best thing about pawn loans is that you can pawn anything with value. Here’s a list of items you can pawn:

  • jewelry
  • designer purses
  • first edition copies of books
  • watches
  • collectible coins
  • rare currency or paper money
  • power tools and printers
  • TVs
  • video game consoles
  • cell phones
  • iPads
  • digital cameras
  • keyboards
  • amplifiers

The Upsides

There are many upsides of getting a loan from a pawn shop like A to Z Pawns. But the main advantage is the convenience and speed of getting money. You only need collateral and completed paperwork in exchange of fast cash. The pawnbroker will give you a receipt which also indicates the loan terms.

Another benefit is that you can get a loan with no credit. That is because pawn loan is an in-house loan that doesn’t need any credit history. But you can guarantee that it’s a secured loan in case you need fast cash. No more long application processes that traditional lenders and banks require.


The Downsides

Like any other loan options, there are also downsides when getting a pawn shop loan. The most common disadvantage of pawn loans is getting a very short loan term. Usually, you are only given 30-90 days in order to pay back the money you owe. You may ask for an extension, but you need to pay the interest until you settle your debt.


Reasons for Getting These Loans

Pawnbrokers offer customers a fast, easy, and confidential way to get a loan. There are no legal consequences in case you can’t repay the loan. Pawn loans also don’t make borrowers go into bankruptcy or overextend their credit. But why do you need these loans?

Perhaps, you need to settle an unpaid electric bill because you haven’t received your paycheck yet. Or if you’re a single parent, you might need some cash to buy art materials for your child’s project. The easiest way to resolve your minor financial problems is through a pawn shop loan. But you can offer your property as collateral if you need bigger money.


Why Choose A to Z Pawns?

If you’re looking for the best pawn shop that will allow you to get a loan with no credit, A to Z Pawns is a trusted choice. You can easily make money by pawning your jewelry, electronics and other valuable items. However, you also have the option to sell your items at a good price. Get instant cash today by choosing A to Z Pawns for your emergency expenses.