High Quality Jewelry: Your Go-to Place for Affordable Gold and Diamonds

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March 9, 2018
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Buying jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are reliable pawn shops where you can find affordable, high-quality gold and diamonds. When you buy from pawns, you can get 30 to 50 percent discount from the original price. Good thing A to Z Pawns is here to help you find new jewelry for your special someone.


High Quality at Affordable Prices

Buying jewelry from pawn shops means embracing pre-owned items. This is because pawns sell refurbished products and sometimes brand new or slightly used. But that doesn’t mean that you are getting low quality gold and diamonds. In fact, all items offered by pawn shops are original and designer jewelry from popular jewelers in the world.

Gold and diamonds are non-renewable elements. So jewelry is usually recycled to provide new designs. At A to Z Pawns, you can purchase jewelry with up to 50 percent off retail price.


Same Jewelry from the Jeweler, but at a Fraction of the Cost

A to Z Pawns has experience in appraising jewelry and ensuring its authenticity. When we are selling jewelry, we want to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. We analyze the diamonds and test the gold to make sure it is authentic. In some cases we also have the original paperwork from the jeweller that created the piece.


Why Choose A to Z Pawns When Buying New Jewelry

Pawn shops nowadays provide the same benefits as regular jewelers and jewelry stores. Benefits include loyalty programs as well as interest-free layaway systems. You can also take advantage of the loyalty programs by earning points every time you buy from the shop.

Here are other good reasons why you need to choose A to Z Pawns when buying new jewelry for your loved ones:

  • Get signature pieces for less. You can choose from branded silver, gold, and other jewelry that match your unique taste. All items are authentic and appraised according to their exact worth. You can tell the difference when you visit a branded jewelry store and ask their prices. Buying from upscale stores is paying for their brand, their packaging, and their popularity. When you decide to buy from A to Z Pawns, you get the luxury item while saving money.
  • Enjoy instant service. Usually, buying from jewelry stores takes weeks before you get the item if they are designing the item or getting it fitted. With pawn shops, you can avoid these hassles and instantly get the jewelry you want. You visit our shop, find what you need, and go home with the precious item on the exact same day.
  • Get more options from a diverse collection. At A to Z Pawns, you will find a wide range of jewelry choices. By checking our website and visiting our store, you can get the best necklace or engagement ring you dreamed of. There are so many beautiful pieces and quality gemstones you can choose from.


If you don’t know where to buy high-quality jewelry, you can always go to A to Z Pawns for affordable gold and diamonds.

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