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It can be a challenge to find a good pawn shop, let alone one that stands for quality and service. If you’re looking for excellent customer service and fair appraisals, A to Z Pawns may just be the perfect place for you. It’s a family-owned and operated business, so we have a personal connection to it and thus will provide personalized service to our customers.

What is Your Jewelry Worth?

The entire piece has to be considered. We will check the metal/s used, the stones, and in some cases, they piece’s designer is also considered.

After appraisal, compare the valuation with current trends so you can get a better idea of the price tag that can go with your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewelry.

Some online calculators are available. For online computing, prepare these details:

  • Kind of metal
  • Weight
  • Karat
  • Units – the number of stones/gems/metals used
  • Metal purity percentage


How is Jewelry Appraised?

Jewelry appraisal is a process conducted by a certified professional. An appraiser will examine your piece and state a dollar value for it. Both metals and gems are taken into consideration.

For customers with multiple items, we will analyze each piece individually and provide you with a cash offer for each piece and as a whole for all the pieces. We use equipment for appraisals such as a polariscope, refractometer, and UV light source.

Ask about the following:

  • The proper process that matches your appraisal purpose
  • The grading process and the measurements used
  • The statement of value with a seal
  • The statement of appraisal purpose written on a certificate
  • Open discussion where your questions will be entertained


What are the Appraisals Used For?

Our appraisals are used to sell the jewelry to our store. Typical jewelry appraisals can be used for any of these:

  • Insurance
  • Tax payments
  • Reselling
  • Pawning
  • Loans


How A to Z Pawns Can Help With Appraisals

An in-house expert will inspect any legally acquired jewelry brought before us. The genuineness and the usability of your items will be assessed. Then we will give you a quote on what it’s worth and what we are willing to pay for the piece if you want to sell it to us. You are not required to sell it to us, but we do try to pay top dollar for gold and jewelry brought to us.


Buy Jewelry

A to Z Pawns buys jewelry as explained above. If you agree with the quotation, then you can proceed to signing some papers that we will prepare. We will give the cash equivalent to you on the spot.


Sell Jewelry

A to Z Pawns has customers that bring in all kinds of designer jewelry to our pawn shop. Some of have pawned it to us and some have sold it to us. We have a large selection of high quality fine jewelry for you to choose from. If you are looking for diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings or even diamond earrings, come see A to Z Pawns today.


Trade Jewelry

You may trade your jewelry at A to Z Pawns. If you have existing jewelry that you no longer want or need, bring it in to us. We trade jewelry all the time with our customers.


Jewelry Loans

A to Z Pawns provides quick cash loans. Just bring any collateral item in exchange for the cash. You will be given 90 days to give back the money with a small amount of interest. After appraisal, fill out the required paperwork and leave the store with your much-needed cash.