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If you’re in the market for a new firearm then make sure you check out A to Z Pawns to find both new, like new and used guns for sale or trade in Phoenix.

A handgun’s condition is the most important consideration. Used handguns can be categorized into three different main conditions: excellent, good, and poor. Excellent condition guns are ones that are still in mint condition. They are either well cared for by their previous owners or they were sold barely used or even unused. You will rarely have problems with this type of secondhand guns.


Good condition guns, on the other hand, are guns that have a solid foundation and can be restored or customized with little effort. They have pristine frames and the slide still fits well. The railing should not have any cracks or damages.

Also, check the safety. Workable guns should have a safety that is still working. In addition, check if all of its parts can be moved without any obvious difficulty.

When getting workable guns, always keep in mind that you may need to get parts to restore these guns. In some cases depending on the age of the gun, this process can be a little pricey to get some of those parts.


Poor condition guns are those that were abused (i.e. wear and tear) or uncared for. They may have rusting parts and may produce screeching sounds when parts are moved. On these types of guns, the safety also generally does not work either.

Regarding the safety: Make sure that the decocking lever can be switched easily. Also, if you already know that the gun is in poor condition, ask the shop clerk or owner if you can take the gun apart. This is crucial because this is the only way you can check the firing pin safety.

The firing pin should not stick out of the chamber or hood area when you push it into the gun’s slide. Also, when you push the firing in after depressing the safety plunger, it must not move when you release the gun’s plunger.

If the safety pin moved, it might be because the safety plunger is dirty or is already worn out. If it is just dirty or filled with crud, try cleaning it and then test it again.

When the safety of the gun is okay, move on to checking the barrel. Get a feel of the barrel. If there are bumps or bulges you may want to look into finding another gun — the previous owner might have fired it and/or there was a blockage on the barrel.

Lastly, check the gun’s sights. You just need to make sure that they are aligned or in proper position. However, if you see that the gun’s sights are damaged, you must question how roughly the previous owner had handled the gun. After all, it is difficult to get that part damaged.


Whether it’s a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, you can be sure to find one according to your preferences and needs at A to Z Pawns. We’ve been in the business for 25 years, and our staff is well-trained when it comes to firearms. So if you aren’t sure which type of firearm best suits you, just let our staff help you narrow down your options.