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August 10, 2018
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A to Z Pawns in Phoenix - Local Pawn Shop

Firearms play a very important role in American culture. Guns and other weapons are popular gear for hunting and recreation; there are people who avidly collect them; and there are others that keep them for security purposes. In the United States, the number of firearms outnumbers the population and over 30% of Americans are said to own at least one gun.

On most occasions, you won’t be able to purchase firearms as if you were buying cereal from a grocery store. There are strict regulations, paperwork, and other concerns that have to be addressed before you’re issued one. Now, you can go to a firearms dealer but keep in mind that this isn’t your only option. If you’re in the market for a quality firearm at a fair price, a pawnshop is an excellent alternative.

A to Z Pawns in Phoenix – Local Pawn Shop

Buying A Gun From A Pawn Shop

If you do decide to purchase a gun from a pawnshop, be sure to find one with the necessary gun trading license such as A to Z Pawns, which has been in the business for decades and is an accredited dealer. Being a Federal Firearms Dealer, the pawnshop can assist you in buying, selling or trading firearms, no matter how many you have or want to own.

The kinds of guns that you can find in a pawnshop usually include handguns, pistols and revolvers, antiques and collectibles, shotguns, and rifles. As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, all under one roof. And the great thing about this is that you know that the guns are all in good quality, especially since they’ve already been assessed and appraised by professionals. A to Z pawns has a huge selection of guns that are reasonably priced.

If you intend to make a gun purchase, bring a valid government I.D. when you visit A to Z Pawns. When you’ve selected a particular firearm, the pawnshop will assist you with all other paperwork.


Buying A Gun From A Friend – Is It Legal?

You might be thinking that buying a gun from a friend is simpler but it’s not always legal. Regulations vary per state so unless you’re a pro, this might be something not worth considering.

Private sellers still have to abide by state laws on weapons trading. Permits are necessary and paperwork needs to be filed before and after the purchase.


Buying A Gun From A Gun Shop

Gun shops offer a wide selection of firearms and ammo and they assist you with paperwork, too. So why not go to a gun shop instead?

Although gun shops have a lot in store for those interested in purchasing a weapon, they don’t necessarily cater to those who are in the market for collectibles or those who are not looking to make a hefty investment for a gun. Gun shops carry brand-new guns at top market prices. At A to Z Pawns, however, prices are considerably lower for guns of the same caliber. So if you’re in it for a good deal on a new gun or ammo, A to Z Pawns can help deliver.