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When it comes to music and audio in general, the debate between vintage and modern never disappears from discussions. Many hardcore audiophiles can be commonly seen as die hard vintage audio equipment lovers. Take guitarists for example. They will go crazy over tube amps over modern amp simulators anytime, even if it is combined with high-end solid state speakers.

But their passion for vintage audio gears is not unfounded. One can safely say that when it comes to amplifiers and receivers, older or vintage is better. Even if they can suck a lot of wattage, older amplifiers are not ready to see the last of their days.

And this does not apply to just amps; vintage stereo equipment can still hold on to their own as well. Compared to new surround-style speakers, whether they’re 5.1 or 7.1, old stereo equipment can still compete when it comes to sound quality.

This is certainly true if you are going to use your speakers or audio system when listening to music. To be honest, you do not need a surround system when listening to music. Common music mix downs are always set to stereo: left and right. You do not need the extra speakers at the back.

When an old stereo is pitted against a modern one, the discussion can become heated. After all, it is undisputed that new setups can faithfully replicate the intended sound of the music engineer. New solid state setups do not easily introduce additional noise or distortion. Even if you drive a modern stereo hard, it can be difficult to produce clipping.


Response of Vintage Stereos

Vintage stereos can respond differently when the volume is raised. Smooth and warm distortions can appear. Of course, it does not apply to all vintage equipment. After all, each stereo back in the days had different sound characteristics; some refer to that as “personality.”

And when it comes to the nitty-gritty, as it may sound harsh to hear, the introduction of mass production has transformed the audio quality produced by modern equipment. If you open up a new stereo and check its board, you can instantly know how production can be sloppy. Despite the QA or QC seal or sticker placed on it, you can see some solders that are loose and some wires just dangling.

On the other hand, when you open up a vintage stereo, you will see how much care was placed when it was created. You will even wonder how these old devices are still working despite being decades old. Check the soldered wires and components, and they still appear pristine. A few parts have been covered with dust and cobwebs, but they still work fine.

Of course, that makes sense. If they are being sold and still work, they have already withstood the test of time. These vintage speakers are built to last. And surely, they have already experienced wear and tear.

However, it goes without saying that not all vintage stereos were created equal. As a buyer, and as a person who appreciates good sound, you should still inspect the vintage unit you will get.

First, know the make and model of the device. After that, consult the Web or Google. Most vintage devices, especially audio equipment, are listed on audiophile websites. You can also check renowned online pawnshops, like A to Z Pawns. If it is listed, then you are sure that you are getting quality equipment. If it’s not listed, then personally check the performance and a few other details.

Know when the equipment was made. Most stereos and speakers built during the 1970s are always of good quality. After all, the 70s was always considered as the Golden Age of audio devices. Even though the popularity of solid state equipment has soared in this generation, you should not ignore vintage versions, which are typically referred to as high-fidelity or hi-fi.

If you want to pawn your vintage stereo or new stereo in Phoenix, we can help you. Get cash for your old or new stereo today.


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