Are You Looking to Trade, Sell or Buy Electronics for Your Home or Office?

Anything of value can be used as collateral for a loan here in A to Z Pawns. That includes the valuable electronic equipment you have at home. Are you strapped for cash and you need a quick loan? Come on over and bring your electronics and we’ll be glad to look at what you have.

We Buy, Sell & Trade Electronics - Laptops, TV's

Getting a Loan

One of the things that people bring to the pawnshop of A to Z Pawns is electronics. Believe it or not, they are valuable and you can get cash either by selling them or pawning those items. When you walk in with your item in hand, one of the first things that our pawn brokers will ask you is if you are here to sell your items or to pawn them. You can actually bring to the shop a lot of different pieces of electronics, such as the following:

  • Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming systems
  • Laptop Computers
  • Digital Cameras (SLR)
  • Televisions (LCD, Newer Plasma, LED)
  • Surround Sound Systems
  • Newer Video Cameras
  • iPods
  • iPads and other tablets
  • Receivers and stereo's

Remember that any valuable piece of electronics (i.e. anything that can be sold) can be pawned. Bring your items in and talk to our staff. We always try to get you the best value for your goods. Some older stereo's from decades ago (make sure that they still work) can be used as collateral and can still fetch a good price.

We don't accept obsolete items, that means getting rid of your grandmother’s computer will not get you a loan. Some pieces of vintage electronics that are highly in demand may get you a better deal.

You should look at the current market value of the device you’re bringing in. With that in mind, you can negotiate a fair price for your gadget with our pawn brokers.

Selling Your Gadget(s)

Selling your electronics and gadgets to A to Z Pawns is definitely a viable option. If you no longer need your TV, computer, video camera, or gaming console (or whatever gizmo you have with you), then you can just sell it.

Are you getting a new iPad and you don’t need your old one? You can sell it to us. Newer gadgets and electronics that have a higher market demand will be easier to sell. If a lot of people want it then you can bring it in.

Here are a few tips on how you can fetch a higher price for your electronics:

  • Clean it first. Our pawn brokers have seen a lot of the many different electronics that people sell. Chances are, when you bring yours for a quick appraisal, these professionals can immediately tell if what you have is sale-able or not. Remove the dirt and scum that may have accumulated over time. That will surely bump up the price a bit.
  • Make sure that your gadget or piece of electronics is actually working. Don’t expect the guy at the counter to love what you are selling if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. Your device should do more than just power up – you should be able to demonstrate how it works including all of its features.
  • Make sure that you bring all the necessary parts. If you’re selling an iPad, make sure to bring the charger as well. If you’re selling an xBox or a PlayStation then bring the power block, cables and connectors, and the game controllers too. Remember, your electronic equipment will be tested on the spot.
  • Bring the necessary documentation (if you have it) such as the user’s manual for instance. You should include the unit’s protective case as well if that is available.

Buy Electronic Items

You can get a good discount if you buy your electronic items from A to Z Pawns. You can be sure that the items in our inventory are in tip top shape and in good working order. We ensure that each item you purchase is in working condition and in many cases we will show you that it works right on the spot. Some items are sold as is with no warranty. Make sure you check with us on the item(s) you are purchasing about any warranty available.