Do You Have a Diamond(s) That You Want to Sell or Trade?

A to Z Pawns definitely deals in diamonds; but why diamonds? Diamonds are highly valuable. Pawnshops have a lot of business in them too. Combined with precious metals in the jewelry, diamonds become more valuable.

You can use your diamond studded jewelry as collateral if you wish to make a loan. You can also trade them, sell them, and you can definitely buy some in our shops. Buy, Sell, Trade and Loans for Diamonds

About Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones. Just like anything in this world, not all diamonds were made equal. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

The actual value of diamonds is based on a number of factors. The most important factor is the rarity of the rock. There are diamonds that have rare qualities that make them more valuable than others.

It’s supply and demand working – if there are a lot of the same diamonds in the market then the lower will be its value. If it is rare then the more precious it becomes. There is a systematic way to evaluate the actual value of a piece of diamond. This system allows jewelers to actually compare one diamond with another. The grading system developed back in the 1950s by GIA was established to do just that.

This grading system makes use of four important factors to determine the value of diamonds and A to Z Pawns makes use of them as well. The factors are: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.

We Buy Diamonds

Is it a good idea to buy jewelry from a pawnshop? The answer is a resounding yes. You may find the right diamond right for your spouse in our shop at A to Z Pawns. On top of that, you can even find really good deals. Some jewelry prices may even be about half of what their current market value is. You’re getting quality jewelry with a really big discount.

It doesn’t have to be a wedding ring or an engagement ring – some folks may have a bias against jewelry sold in pawn shops. However, some of the Jewelry has never been worn. Many items are in like new condition. So if you love jewelry and you are looking for a good buy then you can find some really good bargains in our store.

Many of the diamonds we have on display have been properly appraised. We offer many different sizes and cuts of diamonds. The real market value of these items is also well-determined. Note that a lot of the diamond jewelry pieces we sell are less than half of Jewelry store prices (even on sale).

Sell Your Diamonds

Do you need some extra money? Sometimes something comes along unexpectedly and all of a sudden you are strapped for cash. A to Z Pawns can help. If you have diamonds in your possession, then you can use them as collateral for a loan or sell them outright.

Note that here in A to Z Pawns we try to give every customer the lowest interest rate possible in Arizona. Simply put, we try to give you more money for the items that you bring in.

If a nice ring, necklace, bracelet, or earring comes with your precious diamonds, then expect to get a higher loan amount. The combined value of the diamonds plus the precious metals that were used to make the jewelry piece will sway things in your favor.

Remember that the weight of the jewelry will also be taken into consideration when assessing the price of your diamonds. The actual value of the diamonds can be calculated.

As stated earlier, the majority of diamonds that you will find in many pawnshops are a good value. They will also have a fixed price but you should still bring your piece to the store for proper appraisal. In case the size of your diamond is larger – let’s say bigger than 0.5 ct then you may get a better price.

Note that the value of your diamonds is calculated via the Diamond market. That will usually be half or less the sales price you will find in retail stores.

Trade Your Diamonds

Sometimes you find a diamond studded jewelry displayed in our stores that will be a great upgrade to the ones you own. You can trade your diamonds with the ones you like – you just have to cover for the added cost.

Loans for Your Diamonds

You can take your diamonds over to A to Z Pawns shop and use them as collateral. Just take note of the valuation appraisal details already mentioned here in this page. Depending on the quality of the diamonds and the quantity depends on how much we can loan you. We need to check out your diamonds and have one of our experts determine the worth of the diamonds to see what they are worth.