November 28, 2018

What Happens to Unclaimed Pawned Items and Tips on Redeeming Your Items

Pawning items of value is a good way to get quick cash for emergency needs. In these cases, the people taking out pawn loans are often not all that ready to part with the items that they are pawning. That’s why they choose to pawn rather than to sell their items. They intend to come back and pay what they owe plus interest to redeem the items that they pawned. […]
July 19, 2018

For Quick Cash Emergencies, What Are the Best Items To Pawn?

Pawn shops give you quick access to cash in case of financial emergencies. Unlike bank loans, pawn loans do not require a lot of documentation unless you’re pawning a gun. You are also not compelled to present evidence of creditworthiness – there are no credit checks and minimum credit score requirements. This is because you are securing your pawn loan with an item of value. The amount of money that […]
May 10, 2018

Easiest Way to Get Instant Loan Money from Pawn Shops

Do You Need a Loan and Fast Cash in Phoenix? Whether you have a bad credit history or no credit at all, it’s not impossible to get a loan from a pawn shop. There are loan options for you, such as home equity, peer-to-peer loans, and credit unions. However, pawn shop loans can make the process much easier when getting a loan with no credit. So how do you make […]
October 18, 2017

Looking For Money to Spend on Halloween? We Can Help You With That!

Halloween is just around the corner, and naturally, people are becoming Halloween-crazy — parties and events for this once-in-a-year celebration are now being planned and scheduled. People — especially kids — are all caught up in the excitement on preparing Halloween-themed meals, decoration ideas, and costumes both for the young and old for trick-or-treating. While most people enjoy dressing up in unique costumes and sprucing up their homes with Halloween […]