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October 18, 2017
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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa — during the holiday season, the best place to go shopping for presents and gifts is a pawnshop or A to Z Pawns in particular. There are multiple reasons you should go gift-shopping in a pawnshop. A few of them are:


Lots of Items to Choose From

Your colleagues, friends, and relatives may have different tastes and interests. Your brother could be hooked on gaming consoles while your girlfriend may be an avid fan of vintage audio equipment. Looking for a gift for each one of them can take some time visiting different stores.

That is where a pawnshop comes in. The bigger the pawnshop, the more items you can choose from. Your choices can range from simple trinkets or jewelry to flashy antique telephones. One cannot even predict the types of items you can get! Pawnshops are treasure troves that are simply waiting to be discovered!


Enjoy Cheap, Inexpensive Bargains

You heard that right: Compared to department or specialty stores, pawnshops sell their items at a much cheaper price. You already know that aside from paying the full price of a new item in a regular retailer store, you will also pay for their additional hefty profit margin.

You can find some great items and deals at your local pawn shop. You can search pawn shop near me to get your closest pawn shop in your local area. And you do not need to worry about the “age” of the items you will get. Sometimes you can get brand-new items in a pawnshop, items in a like new or pre-loved condition that were slightly used.

Also, pawnshops are often not affected by the holiday season. They do not raise their prices; the opposite happens instead. They tend to sell items at bargain prices. On average, pawnshops sell their items 70% cheaper than retail stores. So you can pick up some great deals and buy stuff at bargain prices by visiting A to Z Pawns.


Get Instant Loans

One of the main reasons a pawn shop is around is to provide people with instant loans in exchange for goods. And during the holiday season, you can easily get strapped for cash. Or you might want some extra funds to get that one special gift for your beloved. Whatever the reason, a pawnshop is the answer to get fast cash easily.

On the other hand, you can use your items as collateral to get other items in a pawnshop. If there is something you want to purchase or get funds for, you can easily pawn your items to A to Z Pawns and we can help you get the funds you need. We have some of the lowest pawn rates in Arizona.

“Did you know? Pawn shop interest rates are regulated by the state of Arizona. Although most pawn shops charge the maximum interest rates allowed (37%), at A to Z Pawns we still charge the old rate of (22%) and offer some of the lowest interest rates in Arizona to help our customers in their time of need.” Originally found published on


A to Z Pawns can also provide pawn loans from $20 – $10,000 or even more. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you with your loan or pawn.


Experience Much More Personal Service

Unlike big retail stores, pawnshops are more personable. The staff is friendly and polite to customers, and we always go the extra mile. You can also get recommendations from our staff. If you saw some jewelry in a shop but found it a bit dull-looking, you can request the shop to clean it. Some pawn shops even offer repair and customization.

If you do not like the gemstone on the necklace you found, you can request them to replace it. Of course, that will be only possible if they have replacements or spares or if you bought a replacement gemstone instead.


A Bonus Tip!

Take advantage of pawnshops after the holiday season! Since pawnshops get a lot of collateral and pawned items during the merry season, they tend to have more items than before — which means that they’ll price those items much cheaper than usual.

Also, there will be times that you will receive gifts that you do not like or need. And when that happens, it would be best to sell or trade that item to a pawnshop instead of letting it gather dust in your home.


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