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Come down to A to Z Pawns and check out our huge selection of Guns, Electronics, Fine Jewelry and Musical Instruments to buy. We have been in business for over 25 years providing our customers reasonable pricing on slightly used, and even new items. At A to Z Pawns we understand value and many of our store items are 25%-45% off of retail prices.


We are one of the only pawn shops in Phoenix that offers a no interest Lay-A-Way program. If you find something in our store that you cannot afford all at once, we can help you. We make this process easy so you can get the item with a down payment and then make monthly payments each month until the item(s) is paid off. Once you pay the item off in full, it’s yours to keep. When you are in the store shopping and you find something you can't afford all at once, ask about our Lay-A-Way Program.


A to Z Pawns provides trading opportunities to trade up your items for bigger, new or better items. We can also help with down sizing. Are you ready to upgrade your TV to a larger Plasma TV or LCD TV? Do you want to upgrade your watch or jewelry? We can help you with trading up to bigger and, or smaller better items to fit every need. Come visit us at 1818 W Bell Rd #105, Phoenix AZ 85023 or call us at 602-866-0980.

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