About Us

We strive to keep the lowest interest rates in Arizona

Why A to Z Pawns

When choosing a pawn shop to buy, sell or secure a loan, you need a place you can trust. Come to A to Z Pawns for high quality used merchandise at the best prices or to receive top dollar for your items! We also offer instant cash loans from $20 to $10,000. We are Phoenix, AZ's first choice pawn shop, making everyone who walks through our doors customers for life! Just read what others are saying about our shop!

  • Fast Loans
  • Save More Money, Low Interest Rates
  • We have been in business for years
Built On Trust

A to Z Pawns has been built with the trust of our customers for the past 25 years. We even offer layaway plans for some of the items that we sell. This is another benefit that patrons have loved about our pawn shop. There are few of these companies in Arizona nowadays.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, do not hesitate to contact A to Z Pawns at 602-866-0980. Feel free to ask for current deals on items that we have available. You can also personally visit the store if you prefer to see their items up close or if you want to pawn some items.

What Is a Pawn Shop

A pawn shop is a store that offers loans in exchange for any valuable personal item. This item acts as collateral for you to pay back the loan within a predetermined time frame (usually 90 days at A to Z Pawns). Pawn shops are under legal obligation to retain your valuable items until you are able to redeem them, or until after the 90th day.

Pawn shops are considered the custodian of said items until the loan due date or until you pay off the loaned amount plus interest rate, whichever comes first. Un-redeemed items are automatically owned by the pawn shop. These items are then sold to a broker, online, or in store to recoup the loan and earn more profit.

Some Pawnshops including A to Z Pawns, are also Second Hand Dealers, Precious Metal Dealers and Firearms Dealers.

Therefore we can provide you with the full service experience you deserve.

One of The Friendliest Pawn Shops in Phoenix, Arizona

A company wouldn’t be able to operate for decades if it hadn’t gained the trust of its customers. Celebrating its 25th year, A to Z Pawns has come to pride itself with infallible service and deals.

What Makes Us Special

We Understand
We understand that money is no simple thing no matter how small the amount, hence our dedication to providing honest, fair and fast service. The main reason, after all, why people opt for pawn shops is to avoid the hassles and complications of your typical bank, especially in the face of emergencies.
About Our Loans & Trust

With us, customers can get loans from as low as 20 bucks to as much as $10,000. or more. And it is with great pride we share that as of last year, a total of over 200,000 loans had been granted -- a rather unconventional, but reliable measure of trust.

Despite being the main source of profit for most lending and pawning companies, our interest rates are nothing to worry about. We keep them as low as possible because we know how hard every penny is earned, and we care where it should be more appropriately spent on.

Best Value
When pawning, A to Z Pawns makes sure you get the best value, if not competitive prices, for your pre-loved treasures or random trinkets. For further convenience, an experienced staff is available onsite. In most cases we wouldn’t make you wait or come back the next day to give a value on your item, and more importantly, to give you your cash. Also to make everything extra fast and convenient, no credit checks will be made. Your treasure as our collateral is enough for us to establish a bond and agreement. You will be under no obligation to redeem your pawn.
Flexible Payments
We offer flexible payment methods. Customers have 90 days to pay off their loan and reclaim their item. Should more time be needed, A to Z Pawns can extend by another 90 days under the easy condition that just the interest and fees be paid at the time of renewal.
Quality Products
And for those looking to buy rare finds or secondhand utility goods in our collection, trust that you won’t end up with junk. We carefully examine the level of quality of every pawned or sold item. And should any require a certain level of restoration or repair, we put forth the effort to bring it back to its best possible condition or disclose any known defects. We do not want to deceive anyone. We want you to continue to be our faithful customer. Apart from that, customers are guided accordingly with their purchase. Our staff is equipped with sufficient knowledge on every piece, making them capable of understanding exactly what clients are looking for.